LFB Portable Transformable Shell-Shaped Cat Bed

This Portable Transformable Shell-shaped Cat Bed is perfect for your furry friends who like to sleep in a ball. This bed is beautifully made from high quality outer felt and inner short-haired PV velvet, which is both durable and soft. It’s hand-washable and air-dried so you can always keep it fresh. Plus it can be fold and twist the bed into the desired shape, so there’s always a cozy spot for your pet.





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Most cats don’t sleep in beds as we know them. As many as 90% of cats sleep on the floor, not the furniture of choice for humans (obviously). They prefer to curl up in a sleeping position or squat and stretch out along the ground. A cat bed is basically a small soft cushion designed specifically to sleep in. Why you should buy cat beds There are a lot of reasons to buy a cat bed: 1) Comfort. Cats generally sleep in a cat tree, the windowsill, or the floor. Cats tend to prefer the floor, so cat beds are designed to fit right under the furniture, making it easy for your cat to jump in and out. 2) Adjustability. Cats spend a lot of their day sleeping, and your cat will do the same. Your cat may be the perfect weight for a regular cat bed, but not so perfect for a fat cat.

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